Sunday, July 2, 2017

Crazily Pure

Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek.

I have been to multiple parties but I could not recall any previous example when today I reached home at 5 in the morning to a brightening day. I try to remember the previous times, but despite my hardest believe that I have come at this hour previously also, the early morning blue sky was the most beautiful moment I have been party to.

I had never enjoyed more, despite knowing that everyone else kind of felt it to be the worst party ever, and some just wanted to leave the place because of cold-war like apparent arguments. I will not go around again writing why I enjoyed the night, but the fact remains that I was myself – in all my smiles, amazement, laughs and even the anger – that I could enjoy moments because I really wanted to be happy. I loved the time because I wanted to love it. Period! J

From a lazy morning to a pretty fun yet rush filled evening; I continued to be myself - stronger, confident and happier, without trying. It felt good when I changed into my white Pathani and Kurta Pants for the evening snacks time with Bhabhi’s family. It felt even great when Bhabhi complimented that the clothes suits on me, and I went ahead with my open beard for the family time. Bhabhi’s father complimenting me with smile to the crazy talks across the table, I felt matured to be listening to all without feeling bad for anybody over their biased thoughts.

Not to sound prune or make anyone else look like one, I think I am a smart conversationalist now who is getting to know what and where to filter the words around me and change the topic with right vocabulary. I have abundant life around me, but I no more want to control it according to my opinion. Nothing is mine to control, except myself. I am selfish for my mental happiness and unselfish to respect even the wrong ones.

To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance.

After the mostly sweet family time at home in the evening, it was finally time for us to go to Mona Maasi’s house to meet Chuck. The little spoilt brat is as cute as ever and is definitely in a better dog-friendly home. The emotions we shared with him and the ones he is being party to at him real home are vast different, but just cannot be compared. He wagged his tail at me, kissed me, ate from my hands (mostly which I childishly selfishly did to establish our love for each other), took rest in my arms, slept around my legs and even followed only me while going down the stairs.

Mona Maasi was even surprised to see him jump to only me in the car, but honestly I could see that I am nothing special. He loves us all unconditionally because he is a dog and he is being loved by all, in their own way. Like Bhabhi rightly put, I stand out for his affection because I let him be as he wants to be while other play around him, as per their likings. I couldn’t get a better parenting trip for myself and my future. J

There were many talks over here also, but I notice Bhai, though majorly deficient with the patience to listen, is still calm around Mom’s side. Or maybe it’s just within our own family that he feels like asserting his views and opinions, just like Dad. It does worry me that this becomes a habit that he can’t let go later but he has to understand it himself, or maybe a major slap from someone to hit him, even if it is a stranger. Better today than late.

My cherry on the cake moment was however being called Shareef by Masadji. It brought a really strong realization that I like being the peaceful one, even in all my craziness, because this is me. Even among friends, I am pretty grounded, unless the time and moment asks for my craziness level. I am pure at heart and my deeds are, in my not so humble opinion, getting good with time for my Karma.

I have a family and my friends; I may not be perfect person to be with but I do respect them, even for things which they have and somewhere were dreamt by me. From patient ears of a family, to rich yet sufficient life to that particular time I was really hell bent on cutting my hairs but with family approval, just like Tavraj today. The last one is about my brother and I value him for he respects his family and love and not religion is priority for respect; no matter the back talking relatives. In fact, respect to all, from a crazy yet peaceful person.

As I end this piece, I would just like to quote what a once very close friend said about me, many years ago to me.

“You need someone in life who is mature enough to know when to be a child with you.”

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