My Author Drama

If You Want A Miracle.. Be The Miracle  

Every saint has a past and every criminal, a future.

Adventurer, Ambitious, Artistic, Believer, Blessed, Creative, Curious, Dreamer, Emotional, Explorer, Fighter, Foresighted, Gay, Happy, Imaginative, Independent, Individualistic, Introvert, Kind, Lover, Passionate, Playful, Practical, Scrappy, Sensitive, Spiritual, Stubborn, Temperamental, True, Wanderer, Wishful.

Life brought in Paradox in me but change is the only constant.

Life is a dream to me, and I have been living it every single day in the best ever possible way. I am a dreamer since time immemorial. Dreams happen inside our head; why should that mean that they are not real? Like my adventurous spirit, I am open to any work that excites me.

I am Human, imperfect but striving to be better every moment. 
I may fall but I don't give up.
I am  Leo (The Lion)
I am BSC.

I am Bhavdeep Singh Chadha and this my Bhavdeepnama.

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