Monday, June 2, 2014

Dream it, Ink it

Learn to recognise the omens, and follow them

There is nothing that can drive one crazy, as it is our Dreams. The sometimes seemingly-reality, mostly an inner quest is what actually drives one to live. Call it being selfish but every step of ours is taken with a dream to achieve its completion. No matter how small or inconsequential for the people around us, it is only us who know how much every single of the psychological reality kills one to see it a reality. For someone like me, who has a proven track record of remembering most of his dreams, if not all, they do form a very vital part of my life.

However, without over-thinking (which I am much known and cautioned about) I also want to add that there are few things about life which I always find amusing. One of it is thinking about something, something not the usual run of the mill, and then having the real life almost responding to back to me reminding of that recent old thought.

I had spent a good part of my last late night browsing on my laptop checking many a tattoos  to get ideas of a few that I am determined to ink on my healthy body which I am planning to build up physically, mentally and psychologically by my 26th Birthday this August. Saved a few pics, that aroused me in different manners, for a future reference too. However I woke up without any after thoughts about same. I slept late till 2 in the afternoon, being an off day from work and most owing to me shutting my eyes only after 6-7ish in morning. By the time I took my place for my lunch, after a super late breakfast, I had switched on the television flipping straight to a movie channel. HBO was about to begin airing I AM NUMBER FOUR and since I have seen it to much enjoyment before, I decided to check out once again.

Sticking with the film was a very normal decision, though much to my surprise the film got me to see science fiction ink ideas, with the main protagonist FOUR getting inked with the death marks indicating the end of the previous three before him. There was nothing about a "TATTOO" in it, but the mark which was later seen in few other scenes were really enthusing for the adventurous me.

Should I be taking it as a sign that I must not hesitate over the society. To be brutally honest I know it will make me more confident of myself and there is nothing wrong in it. More so because I am not just getting it straight away. I have a goal to achieve, a deadline to adhere and all for a healthy cause.

I have to stop finding new auspicious beginnings, its only one life that I am living and it was started way before. Now is the present and that is the place to be auspicious with my words and actions. The Tattoo is not the goal but it surely underlines a lot of aspirations and that outlook for life which reads that live is both a virtuous and vicious circle. What I will sow will be the only determining factor of what I will reap. And a reality for Inked dreams means I must seep a positive me right here, right now. Only I can make my life either a virtuous cycle or a vicious failure.

As Professor Dumbledore said it very rightly, It is not our abilities that make us who we is our choices!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

My June De'Jour

"The simpler you say it, the more eloquent it is."

New beginnings are always a moment to savour. They can be any time what with famous saying, "Jab jaago, tabhi savera." However in the life and times of M/s Bhavdeep Singh Chadha alias BSC, these moments grab a special mention with the clich├ęd calender dates.

June has already dawned upon me as I write this little musings; with a beacon of hope that that this will just not be a run of the miss, okay-so-what-I-bruised-again-I-will-collect-pieces-together-and-start-anew day. Too many flips are seen, experienced and shagged off. I really don't know what I want from other people, from the future specials and I must stop thinking about it and just experience life as it comes through. I can just be happy with myself, smiling and effervescent, the metaphorical child in me always up for game and yet understandably in conscious control.

No more 50 shades fucked up, as I make way to complete the novel it is completing me. Whether I like it or not, bits and parts in any direction, it sure is making me move ahead.

Health and mind is what will keep me sane. I sure don't promise any future that is not just me and life is so just not going to ever be just me. Building blocks by block from every day, sharing all my fears and concerns (must stop calling it 'negativity') in the Blog. Indeed it will be a while, hopefully blissfully soon, when I don't have to beat any bush and write each and every thought in the simplest syllable that can be." For I just recently came across the header quote which is must for me to begin loving to write and write quality.

I love my work, I will keep on working to improve, sincerely and diligently. Not stagnation, only broaden my work approach. Show the calmness of my mind and thoughts in my health. For,

"Success beings with a fellow's will. It's all in a state of mind. Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can"

As for True Love,

Hey I just met you... And this is crazy...
But here's my number... So call me maybe...

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