Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tiring thinking

I clearly remember my days in office when in late night while roaming around an empty news room I used to get goosebumps feeling, if I may borrow words from J.K. Rowling but in diametrically different context, "Is this all real or is it just happening inside my head?" To which, Dumbledore responded to Harry with, "Of course it's happening inside your head, Harry. Why should that mean that it's not real."

That feeling rejuvenated my senses to no end and it felt great and so satisfying to pack up. I never wanted them to end. But here I am today, yearning for those moments.

To put it direct - I miss those moments.
  • Why and where did I lose such surprising precious thoughts?
  • Have I been complaining, whining too much of late about work environment and people?
  • When did my work became about people from being about ideas?
  • Is this person I am today really me?
  • Do I like being who I am right now?
  • Do I love being myself?

Its said, change is the only constant; and that change is good. But then why I am so tired. There hardly goes a day when I don't think about my amount in my wallet and my bank balance. Its so tiring me. I was so not in this profession for money.

These questions are tiring me.

I guess I am alone and its the loneliness that is speaking, correction, showing in my thoughts. Its about two and half months I came out to my family. Mom and dad did not question me once and now I can not stop thinking that the only person to give me same reaction was Siddharth. For these three, it was like I never shared anything. Is this good or did I want them to ask to me...make me cry so that I lose up all my anger, fear and frustration?

I did share my coming out story with few 'friends' but I feel so unsatisfied with their response. They told me its good that whatever happened. Some new ones asked me how it happened and even though I did tell them, honestly, I myself don't know how it happened. It just happened. But even after all of it, I feel really empty.

So what is really missing in my life? I am failing at being a 'man' but why and oro whom am I doing it for? I do know I want to prove it to world that I am a 'man' but why and when did I took up this thought, this so-called challenge that I just keep on failing and failing at.

To be honest, I am so tired that I can not even think. I actually so don't want to think about it. I am already tired of failing and failing, again and again, to control my urges and stragely now I don't even know for whom I am controling these urges for as it has been so not for me anymore for the longest time since I can recall about it.

I have many times contemplated that one should not bar himself from anything around him for that is the real test of controlling one's urges, no matter how bad or intimidating they may be. Or should I just buy a boxing bag and gloves to get my frustration all out. Tire myself not just mentally but physically from any anger in me and then get a good night sleep.

Something to think.. correction.. ACT upon!

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