Saturday, July 1, 2017

Being Party to Life

Do not let your Past rob your Future. Each new day is a Chance to make a new Beginning. Count your Blessings, Live with Gratitude and Love with all your Heart.

Bhai partnered with his friends in January this year to open a Chayos franchise and he was extremely happy with the turn out and response. Not just our cousins but even my friends were there. The visit may have delayed me for office but I was happy to be by Bhai’s side on his big day.

Six months down the line, all the partners realise that the Dhaula Kuan hub did not grow as envisioned. After careful thinking, they decided to move the franchise to a new spot. Apparently it was always DLF Mall of India in Noida but the date was 14th July for the moving. But it turned out that they preponed the date to 1st July, to coincide with the GST Launch. Long story short, Bhai was still happy and positive about the ‘new’ venture and I had to be part of it because it was the most positive I have ever seen of him. 

Chayos opening gave a new life to my Noida office-route memories also. I did not feel strange passing through it, as I felt I might. The store launch was also good in the fact I started clicking pictures again. Moving up and down, noticing things which others did not. And notice, did I?

Walking into Pulkit at MAC store for Bhabhi’s visit was taken care of as Pulkit was smart to understand my family. But I don’t know how others would react, so even after literally crashing with Sunny at H&M store; I could bring up the courage to say Hi. I know it was him only, but he was with a friend and they had already sheepishly laughed about the minor crash we had because of both us looking elsewhere while walking into each other. I guess at that very moment, I felt not good looking enough to talk to him and also scared as to who else I may find in the mall. I realize it’s very narcissist of me to always think about looks, especially degrading my own, but more than that, I realize I am just not up to the confidence of being open in public.

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should Dance.

The Mall visit was still not over as Bhai wanted to wait for Gaurav Gera’s stopover, as the latter mentioned in his Snapchat stories. Upon seeing Gaurav, I wanted to be excited and a little bit crazy, like my brother, but my past still holds me back. It was plain luck that his VLogger turned out be a college friend and when she casually introduced me to Gaurav for me take a selfie with him, his mind caught my name as known one.

Gaurav and I used to quite frequently talk on facebook over my facebook page. He had shared his personal number to me at that point. But with my webbed life, I not just misplaced the number, but also intentionally lose all contacts, including with him. However it was the sweetest and extreme genuine of him to himself ask me about our past interactions. A sharp memory man, he was kind enough to start like we knew where we left off in the party of life.

In fact, because of Gaurav and my brother’s wish that I get him to Chayos, I got to interact with him before our chat also. I knew his characters, so I just wanted to talk about them as they make me happy and laugh and smile. Why should I deprive him of the appreciation of his creativity?

Waiting for Gaurav, I realised the party that Radio people wish to hear at their Kiosk. From being normal to being happy, I got to be on RedFM’s Bhadaas and even win a goody bag I had my eyes on when I first saw them. Thanks to Mandeep for making me wait there and thanks to my crazy need that the universe conspiring in helping me achieve it. What more could have I asked for?

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep.

Extremely worn out, but I had promised Akshay and Sahil for the Saturday Party. The traffic and rain took us more than two hour to drive home and I was not able to inform either about same as my phone battery dried even before the drive. However, once home, I whatsapped in the group for them to carry on and I will meet them at priority. I was not much in party mood, but I had to respect on my promise.

Turned out, it was one helluva night. Planned people dropped out, surprising entries made their way in the night and I had a showdown with Nitin over him supporting a rank stranger over me, especially when that son of a bitch made himself part of our conversation uninvited.

But something different and better happened that late night. I let my anger known to my friends, and kept it unknown to the party I did not known. Plus, even though feeling like leaving the party and/ or making myself aloof, I did not run away, per say. I got myself into the night, on the floor – no matter I was all by myself many times. Because honestly, it was during this time that slowly and steadily I started to actually dance like I wanted to dance. I felt free and no more occupied by the bad things. I could see myself making this one guy smile and it made me good to spread the crazy positivity.

And the Universe – well it again conspired to help me out in getting happier. For the worst DJ ever played songs like Edward Maya, Mere Rashk-e-Qamar, Lazy Lamhe, Jo Bheji Thi Dua and the latest favorite Hawa Hawa. All can still be okay, but the way I dance on Dua song, that was my moment of redemption from all the negativity in the world and especially in my soul. I felt I enjoyed every minute of the party.

Life is one big Party. Enjoy every minute of it.

The crazy talks with Bittoo as we kept aside the others from being privy to it, and the big unexpected invite to Khedamba while I stood with Ralli and his friend Hitesh will always be remembered. That random invite to Khedamba had him join us with his friends and then Manish joining us with his friends and the crazy innocent and harmless gay talks – I love this. This is why I love gay parties. Unhindered and mad, not the showey and bitchey and slutty gays.

I later understood that it was just me who enjoyed that night. Everyone else had a lapse which they just did not recover from. I was almost called arrogant for being ignorant to the negatives around and finding happiness in small moments, making the party the best party ever for me. But I did not want to look back and feel bad about my micro managing my happiness. Why should I?

Yes, my friends felt left out. Yes, my friends experienced an average to poor Saturday night. But I can not lose my positivity as I have struggled really hard to get here. I also have tremendous amount of lapses but I am controlling real hard to not let them become majority in my experiences. I just cannot. I want to be genuinely happy as much as I can and let the universe know that I will never bow down to challenges. By past may not be something I hoped to think in present and my present may not be all glowing as I wish it to be, but I will keep smiling, thinking that one day my smiles will become regular and normal thing for my facial muscles of tomorrow.

This life we are living, this is very precious. I am proud of changing because I know I am changing for the greater good. I hope my friends see me for the better person I want to become, because in my heart I am confident that the universe is with me. ?

Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow.

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