Friday, June 3, 2016

Poor Cock Tanmay Bhatt

The Biggest News of the week to take the nation, as we know that always wants to know, has undoubtedly been Tanmay Bhatt.. Well finally the not so poor guy’s Big size comes to some Big use for the Country reeling with severe drought of Real News.

The funny guy snapchatted a seemingly innocent faceswap video titled Sachin v/s Lata: Civil War. If we go by our beloved Indian News Channels and the ant-like colonised pseudo intellectuals on Twitter, almost entire country took offense to the video and wanted to really, I mean literally, roast Tanmay Bhatt. Imagine the Big Roasted Cock (nee Murga) that had, well 'reportedly’ had, the drought hit nation salivating.

And we say India is regressive and homophobic. Duh.

At present the Nation has got new things to know. But amidst all of this, the biggest looser is not Tanmay, not even our News Channels and Twitter leeches but poor old Snapchat.

Think about it. Everyone forgets about Snapchat videos within 24 hours of the post, and here the App had a such a big and think juicy cock who made its limited period video engraved in Indian history forever and ever, with a super hilarious Faceswap feature but no one talked or free-wala promoted the App on News Channels and Twitter.
Talk about bad luck of Holocaust level. Aww.

The cock, aka Tanmay Bhatt, never appeared on a single news channel or gave any front page Bombay Times interview and instead tweeted to check his statement on his Snapchat ID and BullShitt … Still no mention of Snapchat.

What a Deep Bad Luck the news puffed out of Snapchat.

Sorry Baba Ramdev, but 2-minute silence for Snapchat.

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