Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Chewing Gum Life

Picture this:

My mother handed me a Sweet Mint Flavoured Center Fresh and after a flash of tongue-and-tummy thought,  I told her I have stopped eating gum. I completed my lunch, washed my hands and resumed my couch potato position and my eyes suddenly fall on that very Sweet Mint Flavoured Center Fresh which remained on the bed where my mom handed it to me earlier. After another flash of tongue-and-tummy thought, I tear open the wrapper and put it in my mouth, promising myself I will not chew it, but only taste it, till it completely vanishes. After about two to three attempts to roll the hard gum in my mouth without biting the exterior for the soft gel inside it and the chew part, my reflexes give up again and I bite the gum,  gulp the awesome new Sweet Mint flavor,  chew the gum for some time and finally spit it out after the juice is over. 

I thought I will hate myself, like I usually do, for not sticking to my commitment (or was it one really?) but I did not. Instead I am here typing my thoughts as to was the juice worth the squeeze.

You know what Bhavdeep, the juice was worth the squeeze because I really enjoyed the new Mint Flavoured Center Fresh and I spit the gum it out when I felt like spitting. Why do I have to think much into it? Why should I care into things?

Isn't life such so? I mean, a Chewing Gum of events meant to be enjoyed to the core by chewing them as they are meant to be. Bite when its meant to be Bitten, Chew when meant for Chewing, Swallow the taste as it flows and Spit the residue.

Why hold myself with stupid beliefs and mannat and dhaaga. Aadats aka Habits are not a one time thingy. They are cultivated over a practice.

I hold myself from sex and I sleep or hug or almost fuck over a single physical companion and then I call it love.
I hold myself from masturbation and I spill over a hard lonely feeling and that too with a bad porn effect.
I hold myself from life and I frustrate myself in that very damn hold that I feel tired and exhausted.

Life is like a Chewing Gum. Bite it, chew it, gulp the flavor and spit it out. There is no point in stretching it beyond what it is meant to be. There will always be a better flavor and if you are honest with the bite-chew-gulp-spit theory, you will do find one that you will call as forever favorite. Favorite becomes habit but its up to you to make sure that the flavor matters more that the habit and you never stretch the gum beyond the flavor.

Else it will again be the same -  Hold back, Question the tear of the wrapper and blame the time for presenting you with that packed gum.

Chewing Gum never comes with an expiration date but over the time, it does lose some of its good taste yet remaining safe to chew. So is Life. There is no such expiration date but over the time, it does lose its fresh youth yet remaining safe to live. 

Tear, Bite, Gulp and Spit.
Live, Love, Life and Laugh.

Because in my heart I know, that the juice (of life) is worth the squeeze. That's what Moral Fiber's all about.

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