Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CNN IBN's India @ 9

Thomas Griffith had said, "Journalism as theater [is what] TV News is." Like a vintage wine, this quote has only grown more profound with every passing day in shaping my life ambition.

In a fast paced life of constant travelling and innumerable professional and personal engagements, the socially active individual in me is always eager to be updated about he recent news happening in and around the world. It's not of absolute importance that one must have complete knowledge but whatever amount one possesses, it should support us make an opinion which is always welcoming of new inputs and free of preconceived notions. This is what makes Theater of TV News.

In a plethora of TV News channels claiming to be one above the other with their reporting (and sometimes misreporting), there came only one TV News show in my mind when shot with the question about my favorite and it remained the same even after major thinking and comparing with few other really good ones - INDIA @ 9 on CNN IBN.

It's not the format of presenting all the top stories of the day in one show that intrigues me but the perspective with which these top stories are presented. The show provides a judicious mix of the understanding of the common man as well as the editor's take. Mostly hosted by the channels Editor-in-chief Rajdeep Sardesai, the show relies on ground political awareness supplementing it with academic awareness of the issues that confront the nation. The presentation of the stories and the views of guests on show provides a process of understanding the ever changing face of India and the world, without disrespecting the knowledge of the viewer. However, what really makes the show stand out for me is its ability to grasp things at micro level and present it at macro level.

For a TV show that never keeps me dull even in my non-viewing time; a show that gives me the power to make my own informed opinions; a show that keeps the socio-political-entertainment alive in the theater enthusiast in me - I know I have got my favorite TV News show.

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