Friday, September 16, 2016

Bulleya.. Ve Ki Karaan..

Ever lived that moment when the clouds burst into a nearly perfect moment of enjoyment of light breeze? Arms stretched, eagerly waiting to take a flight with the very first drop that is hurriedly making way  from the heavens above? But the very drops hit you in a way that you just want to mix your soul into them and the only way you unknowingly do so by the burst in your eyes?

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil's Bulleya came as smack on my face and it's smile in not less than the same moments above. No one expect that feeling can exists or wants it to exit but it just hits you..

Why me.. is the only thing my soul could scream.. Muhajir.. But reality knows that no answers to past in the present..

Nevertheless, the song is not about me.. It is a movie and the characters living a situation a writer imagined with an ending that will soon come out on screen for the audience to judge and critique..
Yet the heart aches more when it reads everyone only saying positives about the song and all I am thinking.. Ve Ki Karaan..

A Ranjha is born for doom.. But why I am alone in feeling doomed when all any and everyone is writing about the song is the beauty of the song and the chemistry of the lead characters and the gorgeousness of the life they are living and the seduction of the talent in the visuals.. It kills me in every breadth for having the thoughts like this. I am speechless amidst all these thoughts and my feelings are dying to scream and cry till I can get that one hug that make me.. hmm.. no idea.. just that one hug..

Sufism has never been my kind.. maybe because, as I feel now, it's my language and therefore my mirror. The mirror never dusty, for all the good, the bad and the ugly..

The words by Amitabh Bhattacharya with the musical arrangement, replete with a band, by Pritam hit me hard unlike I was expecting or could have imagined. The visuals are stunning but I do wish the connoisseurs of music can get above Ayan and Saba, to experience what heartbroken souls go through when they find each other for a doomed hug of life.

Hafiz tera.. murshid mera..

Kyun aaj main muhabbat phir ek baar karna chahu..

Milney tujhse bagawat phir aaj karna chahu..

Ve Ranjhana..

Ve Ki Karaan..


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