Monday, September 10, 2012

India 2012 Mayhem Story

About 9 months down the line into this year and the one thing that can be said cumulatively about India's 2012 story is ANARCHY in about everything that one can think off..from the ever favourite contentious Politics to Parliament Machinery to Elections (both Assembly and Central) to CAG to Reservation Issues to Food Security to Anti-Terrorism to India Inc to Development Issues to Sports to even Crime and the once-smile-inducing-sarcasm-filled Cartoons.

Getting into facts will be tedious and nevertheless..the great India has risen way above the Factuality of  Life to even Care for that. Apparently Facts are just numbers and its the Subjective Arguments and Orator-ship that wins respect and seetiyan from even the Intellectuals and Pseudo-Intellectuals. After all it's all about Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment.

Sadly I don't see anyone learning from anything...forget about the politicians..even there is ANARCHY in the manner we the common man jump on roads for everything wrong (it's rightly so, though) but don't take much long to have every such GRAVE issue wiped put of our conscience for an effective follow up. We have started taking PRIDE in talking about the CORRUPTION issues..when it was supposed to mean RESPONSIBILITY!!

As I think about it..I feel why at the end of the day then blame MEDIA..when as a(n) (apparently) tormented citizen we all ourselves have a short term memory for every so called "MODERN DAY FREEDOM STRUGGLE" that we super cheerfully and courageously love to DECLARE!! Media is after all a MIRROR to the by the society..for the society. Jaisa bowgey..waisa paogey!

Maybe a person like Raj Thackery is RIGHT after all..for at least no matter the sharp tongue he wiggles and unleashes, he at least knows for whom he wants to work for! And to damn with Godhra Riots, maybe Narendra Modi is indeed modern day Revolutionist; for whatever be the horrifying past the growth story that he has given to his state even after being Communal in his lifestyle, it is way better than the growth story of a combined so-called Secular India.

Being lenient on phrasing.. If not ANARCHY it is my very personal belief that India's 2012 story is all about being SHAMELESS about its own faults and shortcomings - whether its the power class of politicians and business kings or the middle class or even the seemly suppressed who together love to show off their week position to gain the highest without having to perform any constitutional duty!!

Now..Where in all this do I stand - PERSONALLY - after making the above analysis??

I am selfish and ambitious about my goals and life, my emotions are high but I am ruthless in being practical when ought to be; and am definitely no saint to not be jealous of those who better me. Principles?? There's only one I follow now - WORK!! And I also know that my work is not that fickle stuff that will have me do things to hurt someone. BUT WHY EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!! I am in Media..I am Mirror to the the society I live in!! JAI HIND!!

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